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Our backflow instructors teach students current backflow regulations specific to state requirements, 10th edition USC and ASSE testing procedures, troubleshooting procedures, and backflow assembly repair. Receive your ASSE, Ohio, Kentucky Indiana State backflow tester certification by successfully completing the required course. Continuing educational hours are available for Water and Waste Water Certified Operators, and Plumbers.



Cross Connection Control Specialist Training  (Lunch Included) 6 hours Course Layout 


Our instructor is an experienced Sr. Cross Connection Control Specialist having worked for one of the largest water utilities in Indiana and has consulted to managed several others. This course is designed to teach water utility personnel how to manage their own program effectively, show new ways to generate revenue with a CCC program, and run a defensible CCC program helping to shield from liabilities. Learn backflow installation requirements, commensurate protection for the degree of hazard, backflow onsite inspection, distribution system weaknesses, Federal, State, and local codes that apply to backflow protection.  CEU's Available for Water and Waste Water Certified Operators




Kentucky - Indiana  Backflow Tester Refresher Training (Lunch Included) (Lunch Included) 6 hours Course Layout

Ohio Backflow Tester Re-Certification Training  (Lunch Included) 8 hours Course Layout 

codes and Plumbing codes. Students will revisit backflow testing and troubleshooting procedures on a wide variety of backflow assemblies. Course are scheduled throughout the year. (Onsite training is available upon request )CEU's Available for Water and Waste Water Certified Operator Register (Click Here)


Backflow Repair Course  (Lunch Included) (Lunch Included) 6 hours Course Layout Click Here

Learn repair on many different types of backflow assemblies both large and small.  Our facility provides a controlled environment and an excellent opportunity to gain hands on experience on backflow assemblies, students will receive both classroom demonstrations and hands on training.

hour Courses are scheduled throughout the year. (Onsite training is available upon request)

CEU's Available for Water and Waste Water Certified Operator 



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